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We take pride in providing our patients with the latest and most up to date styles of optical eye wear available. Our eye care team will help you find a great looking frame that will help you look your best. Our in house laboratory and optometric assistants will fabricate all spectacles to exacting standards.

We also carry a large selection of designer sunglasses.


Choosing the right type of lenses is the most important part of your eyewear. Together with our eye care team and optometrist we will find the best fit for your visual needs and budget. Our on-site laboratory uses the latest technology so that your new glasses will give our patients the best vision possible.

Single Vision

These lenses function as the all-purpose glasses for the person who only needs help with distance or near vision, but not both.


These lenses are called “No Line Bifocals”. They provide all the benefits of bifocals but add the feature of continuous clear vision at all distance, including mid range (arms length). Progressive lenses have the cosmetic advantage of appearing to be single vision lenses, so they never reveal the user wears bifocals.

Flat Top / “D” Bifocal

This popular bifocal looks like a half circle. The bifocal portion is made in a variety of widths to accommodate those who prefer a wider reading field of view.


These lenses provide special visual and cosmetic benefits for stronger corrections and increase edge-to-edge clarity. They are flatter and thinner than conventional lenses.

Ultra Violet (UV) Protection

Ultraviolet rays pose potential harm to your eyes. Special treatment is available for plastic lenses that completely blocks hazardous UV light.

Scratch Protective Coating

Special coatings have been developed to help protect lenses from normal scratching, however no lenses are scratch proof. Each and every pair of our lenses can be specially treated with this coating.

Transitions / Photochromatic

These lenses are able to change colour.  They darken when going outside, and clear up when out of the sun

In addition to regular photochromatic lenses we offer Transitions® lenses – the fastest, clearest and darkest photochromatic lenses available:

  • As clear as regular clear lenses indoors
  • As dark as sunglasses outside in bright light
  • Fast to activate and fade back
  • Block 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduce eye fatigue
  • Improve contrast
  • Offer the right tint at the right time in changing light


Whether to enhance your vision or for fashion, variety of colours can be added to your lens. Plastic lenses are able to absorb dyes at the right temperature.

Anti-Reflective Coatings – Crizal®

Crizal® features several unique properties as compared to other quality anti-reflective coatings. The coating attracts less dirt and debris, leaving the lens clean longer, thus requiring less frequent cleaning. The lenses are also easier to clean thanks to the densely packed coating which forms a smooth surface, which prevents dirt and oil from getting trapped.

Crizal® is unconditionally warranted for patient satisfaction under normal use for one year.